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Want Amazing Sex? Do these simple tips

Sex is an important part of our lives, and it shouldn’t be treated as taboo. There are many people that treat sex like they never had it. Sex is a normal thing and lets us put it in simple words, and we should be more open about this topic to children.

Sex education is important and less of the sex education can lead to unprotected sex – bad for planet thing. So it is better to take all the precaution, and these things can help you to achieve that much-needed orgasm. If you can’t do a safe sex, then opting for vibrator would be healthier choice. Here mentioned below are some amazing things that can lead to a better sex life. So let us get to it –

1. Make the Connection

When you are in bed with your partner, and if you don’t have that connection then you cannot feel the vibe. The vibe is the most important thing to improve your sex life, and once you have learned to connect your mind and body to your partner, then you will get the pleasure in such a new way. This is so important, and you have to be smart enough to know all the things that can help you to make you and your partner to connect with you.

2. Add Some Role Plays

If you really want to have remarkable sex, then you should try with some BDMS or role-playing sex. For example, you can be a basketball player with locked cock and she could be the cheerleader. Anything can work.

This can help you a lot, and you will establish that connection between your body and your partner. This is the key to have perfect sex and keeping on these experiments with the help of your partner can help you in the long run. Keep a note, and these things can be too much fun when done practically.

3. Tell your partner to turn you on

When you challenge your partner with such things, then you can get that pleasure, and it is so good to have. For example, you can tell her to do oral sex with chastity cage on.

Another way to turn you on is to try spanking your girl’s plugged butt. It is very hot if you come to imagine the idea.

These things can be a cure for unprotected sex – bad for the planet and keep on these things will improve your sex life.