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Is taking birth control pills safe for women?

Oral contraceptive pills, also known as birth control pills, are a frequent topic in magazines, on the news, in educational shows, online, and in school. And what are the birth control effects on women? Do they contribute to the female organism positively or negatively?

What Is a Birth Control Pill? 

As far as we know about them, they are medicine packed in a box, and you consume one pill a day. It is also a hormonal contraceptive like the vaginal ring and the patch.


It contains hormones that prevent you from getting pregnant. These are progestin and artificial estrogen. So, this is a contraceptive that prevents the body from ovulating.


Will it always work? If used properly, this is one of the safest methods against unwanted pregnancy. In 99% of cases, it has proven to be an excellent contraceptive. However, keep in mind that it cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

How Does It Work 

You may not know it, but there are two different types of these pills. On the market today, you can find combined pills and mini pills. So, the combined pill consists of two hormones, estrogen, and progestin, while the mini-pill consists of only progestin. 


The doctors prescribe combined pills for 21 and 24 days, and the package also includes so-called reminder pills. There are 4 to 7 of those, and you should have already gotten a period by the time you’re taking them.


You can find the progestin-only pill under the other two names as well. People and experts refer to this one as POPs or mini pills. As obvious, and as we already mentioned, there is no combination of hormones here, only progestin.


If your solution is a mini-pill, it is quite important to establish a certain routine. It’s important to take pills at the same time every day. If you are 3 hours late, you must use another contraceptive during sexual intercourse.


The result, of course, is not possible after the first pill, but it takes at least a few days. The experts recommend the usage of a condom or other contraceptive throughout the first month. And if you do not know your partner well enough and have not determined whether he is negative for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, then by no means hurry to switch to exclusively birth control pill.

The Dos and Don’ts

Another fun part about education on birth control facts and birth control effects on women is to explain some precautions. Well, maybe it’s not fun, but to avoid any discomfort after magnificent sex, we should not skip that part.


You have indeed heard that the birth control pill is generally safe for most people, but each medicine has its side effects. To make sure you take care of your health, the first thing you need to do is not take anything on your own.


Let’s start with a visit to the doctor, where you will get answers to all the questions that bother you. Ask questions about your current life situation. A breastfeeding mother has different questions than a young woman who does not have a permanent partner.

It is also important to explain your current health condition and potential problems, such as high blood sugar. After you get a doctor’s advice, prescription, or an explanation as to why you should not use hormone pills, you must strictly follow the rules.


Not to mention how dangerous non-compliance with the rules of experts can be for your health and your future. And health comes first.

How Women’s Bodies React to Birth Control Pills


There are assumptions, including some evidence, that the pill can change a woman’s body. And how, we’ll find out later in the paragraph. First of all, forget the hypothesis that the birth control pill affects weight gain in women. It is incorrect. 


Well, at least we don’t have a piece of evidence. However, the pill does have the power to change the woman’s body shape. There is no conspiracy theory behind the pill that it wants to ruin normal marriages and emphasizes polygamy. It also cannot make men out of women.


Both hormones belong to the female group of hormones: artificially made estrogen and artificially made progesterone (progestin). And what do we mean by it affects body shape?


Let’s focus on where the fat goes. When using the pill as a contraceptive, fat can build up in the hips and breasts. And that’s the whole philosophy.

Are There Side Effects?

Have you read the instructions for the medicine? Are you familiar with the effects of pills on women? Let us note this once again. Some people will react to the side effects of the medicine, and others will not. Here are the possible side effects of using the pill as a contraceptive.


Some of the side-effects while using the pill (estrogen and progestin combination) are spotting or bleeding between periods, tender breasts, nausea, or common headaches. There’s a chance you might experience problems with high blood pressure. 


As regards the mini pill, there is no risk of high blood pressure. However, spotting or bleeding between periods, tender breasts, nausea, and headaches are common side effects some people experience. Millions of people are currently using the pill. Scientists and doctors created it 50 years ago, and with the encouragement of your doctor, it is most likely that you belong to the group of safe ones. 


However, we will list some of the serious symptoms. If, regardless of the doctor’s approval, you feel any of them, call the ambulance immediately. Abdominal pain, chest pain, blurred vision, severe headaches, or swelling in the legs and thighs – these are all the alarming symptoms. They can indicate dangerous conditions, such as stroke or liver disease.

Important Takeaways

People should learn to follow a doctor’s advice better. So always choose a doctor you trust and who is there for you. Your questions must be his priority.


In addition to following the rules on the use of birth control pills, there are a few other things to look out for. If you are over 35 and you are a smoker, this is likely not for you. If you have had circulation problems, heart disease, or breast cancer in the past, the birth control pill is also not for you.


If you are breastfeeding or have recently undergone surgery, avoid it. Follow your own rules. Don’t fall for roll-calls about your life choices. Accept yourself to learn how to have the happiest moments in life.